To see couples who had 'made it' was the single most significant motivation for us to keep on working through all the difficult issues in our reconciliation and rebuilding our marriage.


After the first night,  I no longer felt alone.


I think this group was instrumental in helping us stay married.


It gave me hope when I felt divorce was imminent and the only option.


Hope & Healing helped us reconcile our marriage and follow God's plan.


Helped open our hearts to God's healing.


Sin was called sin but it was also forgiven and approached as Christ would.


Hope & Healing showed me that couples can survive an affair.


This group was amazing.  I never dreamed this would really happen to me. I'm so thankful we were directed to such a resource.


The crisis support meeting comforted us in the midst of devastation. We left with hope.



The crisis support meeting offered us tools that helped us be pro-active in healing rather than just trying to survive.


We were loved, prayed for, and received wise counsel from a couple who had lived through this and survived!  They guided us through that horrible first day and pointed us down the right path.



From the family of a couple

When we learned that the spouse of one of our children was involved in an affair, we were overwhelmed. The book Unfaithful helped us and gave us understanding, compassion and hope that enabled us to come alongside our loved ones. We thank the Shrivers for sharing their lives so that others can be helped. As parents, we highly recommend Unfaithful.