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Helping Couples Recover From Adultery

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An Affair. Infidelity. Adultery.

No matter what you call it. It feels like an atomic bomb dropped in the middle of your life! If your life - or the life of someone you care about - has been affected by infidelity, first let us say how sorry we are. Second, let us share the following truths. 


Infidelity is not the death sentence to your marriage.

Couples can heal! Marriages can not only survive, but THRIVE. You can have a relationship to cherish for a lifetime. We know it’s true because we did it, and know hundreds and hundreds of other couples that have done it as well. There is healing after an affair!


You can love, trust, respect, and have intimacy again. 

You can have true intimacyPerhaps you’re sitting there reading these words but unable to believe they could be true. We understand that. In the early days of our own recovery we didn’t know if healing could be accomplished much less have any idea of how to do it.


Where do you begin? 

1. Take a look at this website.  
There is a lot of good information and suggested resources to help you navigate the healing process after infidelity. We also have audio and video resources on the Resources page that address some of the common questions couples ask.

2. Educate yourself about the healing process.  
The truth is that not all experts agree on the best way to heal from infidelity so you may hear some opinions that differ on how to walk through your healing process. We’ve been working with therapists, pastors and counselors for over 10 years and what we’ve discovered is that there is no “one way” to heal after an affair. The only two requirements in our opinion is that whatever you choose, it must be biblical and it must work for "both" of you. Of course, you want your choices to be the healthiest for your marriage, so again, educate yourself. Check out our Store and Resources.

3. Enlist godly counsel.  
Adultery is considered by therapists to be the second most difficult marriage issue to resolve.  That doesn’t mean impossible – it just means that it is a biggie. Therefore, most of us need help to get through the recovery after infidelity. We sure did. Professional Christian counseling is something we recommend. But we also know that sometimes that can be difficult to obtain. We have guide lines on how to find a professional under Find a Counselor.

There is hope!


We want you to know that you do not have to be alone on this journey.  We believe, and know, there is help for you in the body of Christ. More importantly, we know that the God of all creation, the God of our salvation, the God that loves you is sufficient for even this. He has the power to offer new life to all who believe and He has the power to offer new life for your marriage. Seek Him. He is there even when it doesn’t feel like it.

This ministry was born, and has always been about having someone to talk to. Hope & Healing has created a network of volunteer facilitators who are willing to talk with you. They get it, because they too have experienced adultery. They can offer you hope that you might not be able to see right now. They understand where you are and are ready to talk and truly listen.

Please understand that we are not licensed counselors, pastors, or professionally trained. We are couples, just like you, who have experienced the trauma of adultery, walked through it to healing, and feel called by God to offer hope to others.  

Adultery is NOT the death sentence to your marriage!

That is a lie. We have had the privilege to come alongside hundreds and hundreds of couples for over 20 years. They've come to us broken and bleeding but then go on to have marriages with love, trust, respect and intimacy. All the things you fear you will never have again. 

Please allow us to help you. You are not alone. 

God bless you in your journey to healing.