Find A Counselor

When you’re overwhelmed with a crisis, finding a counselor can be a rigorous process.  We can only encourage you to go through the effort it takes because the benefit is worth it.  Adultery is a huge issue and most all of us need this resource. And there are counselors that have adjustable fees based on income. A good counseling environment is one where both of you feel you’re being heard and that the counselor can be trusted.  Give yourselves a few sessions to develop that. We’ve listed some suggestions below to help you find your way. Making the contact suggested does not mean that everyone you speak with has to know the details.  Often you can simply say you’re looking for a referral to a good Christian marriage counselor and leave it at that.  

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Ask God to guide your steps and lead you to just the right counselor.

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Contact local churches 

Ask to speak with the person that handles troubled marriages and request counseling recommendations. 

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Contact Local marriage ministries 

Ministries interact with local pastors and counselors and may have recommendations. Search for ministries online.  

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Ask for recommendations 

From pastors, physicians, leaders in the church or close friends. 

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Alternative Options

Focus on the Family

To receive names of Christian counselors in your area, visit the Focus on the Family website or call 800-232-6459 to ask for counseling referrals. 

American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

Visit the AACC website to locate counselors by geographical area.