Adultery Recovery: Resource Kit

Adultery Recovery: Resource Kit




Easily start a support group or couple to couple ministry with this resource kit. Kit includes:

  • 10 Week Program

  • Video DVD Teaching Times

  • Leaders Guide

  • Complete Instructions

  • Minimal Leader Prep Required

Adultery is one of the last "secret sins" we, the church, don't discuss. While statistics vary, most show that 25% to 50% of marriages experience adultery and that the Christian church's divorce rate is upwards of 50%. Additionally, adultery is one of two commonly accepted reasons for divorce in the church. Bottom Line: Adultery is a problem within the church.

Therapists agree that adultery is one of the most difficult relationship problems to overcome. Yet what does the church have to offer those who experience adultery and desire to reconcile? Not much. These couples need our help!

This Resource Kit can be the answer to that need. This peer support group has been operating in central California since 1998. With this Resource Kit, you can also offer this 10 week program to couples struggling to survive after adultery. This package contains video teaching and a leader's guide to enable facilitating a support group within your community. Minimal leader prep is required. It can begin with you!

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